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Factor 2014 


Last year I wrote a post “The Trouble With Factor” that generated a lot of press. The essence of that argument remains true: the FACTOR system benefits business-people and not musicians.

One year later, FACTOR has doubled down on their exclusion of non-business/capital minded Canadian music…


I’ve got a song on this as ‘one qwarter horse’. Recorded on my iPhone. Haven’t done much else in a while.


Today is a momentous occasion! IndieWire has reviewed the film that we wrote and created with Amazing Factory in conjunction with our latest album Violent (although the soundtrack is in itself a separate entity and will be released later this year as an ‘ambient album’).

Minor spoilers within.

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new work in pro(gress)cess 



livingvoid is up for free download (mp3) here!

Lossless to follow this weekend.

The USB stick bundles are still available too:

Thank you so much.

I made a song for this on my phone. Download is


livingvoid is now available to pre-order!

I’ve put together a special USB memory stick pack, including:

1 x engraved wooden USB memory stick
1 x small painting by myself, created while listening to livingvoid. Each will be unique.
1 x livingvoid A4 flyer, featuring a list of all contributors.

Orders will be sent out on 30/01/2014. Order here:

Thank you all for your patience, and a special thanks to all that contributed. I’m so delighted with how this has turned out.



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